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Hey Folks, Ive been learning javascript for about a month now, Ive been reading books, watching youtube videos, but I came to the conclusion that I needed to start and make some small projects or something to test if I was really picking javascript up or not, first i did codeacademy’s javascript online course which was a good solid introduction to challenge based learning. I craved for more as I started to get a better understanding of JS.

While searching for javascript projects I came across another website called FreeCodeCamp, which is similar to codeacademy but on a whole other level (Its Huge!). It starts off slowly with an introduction to HTML, CSS & jQuery but soon has you building real world apps using codePen.io and building up a portfolio of work.

One of the unique things about FreeCodeCamp (FCC) is the built in chat rooms, so you don’t feel your learning on your own, if you get stuck you can ask in a relevant room for help and the folks on there are only too happy to help, in fact after a short while you start handing out advice yourself to other new learners and earn brownie points when they thank you.

Anyone wanting to learn javascript needs to check out FCC, I can’t recommend it enough!

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