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At the start of 2015 I decided to start working full time from home building websites and furthering my knowledge of all things relating to web development. It certainly does not stand still at all, If you stop learning you let the grass grow under your feet, or should that be weeds? I started PBWD in February 2015 and as well as working full time, I would consider myself to be in full time education as well , I have a good grasp of things such as HTML, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap & jQuery as well as opencart as this is the area I work in mostly but recently Ive been getting my feet wet with things such as Laravel & Codeigniter plus other frameworks such as Foundation and cool stuff such as SASS & Compass.

Web Design PBWD

Web Design PBWD

Im 43 (44 in Sept) and enjoy learning all this new stuff, Everyday you learn something new and this is what drives us on as web developers and I guess this is why it never gets boring.

Come along for the ride, I`ll be sharing hints and tips and all things too cool not to share.

Paul Brown
PBWD 2016

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